Submissions:2016/Building a Public History of HIV/AIDS in New York City: The Pedagogical Relationship of Wikipedia and the Archives

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GLAM & Education
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Ann Matsuuchi, Ximena Gallardo C., Opal Abreu, Karol Ortiz, & Lane Rasberry
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User:Mozucat, User:Doctorxgc, User:BelieveYouCan, User:Ortiz2028, User:Bluerasberry
LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York (Academic departments: English, Library)

Using Wikipedia in the classroom and archives need not be limited to reporting on existing historical sources, but can enable the kind of guided interdisciplinary archival research and introduction to scholarly practices typically unavailable to inexperienced students. Wikipedia opens the door to expertise to students who learn that they can become online producers of knowledge, not just consumers. A team of faculty, students and Wikipedians who led this La Guardia and Wagner Archives GLAM project - that may be formally developed into a credit-bearing independent study class - will share how this project has developed and suggest ways that Wikipedia might develop in the future to better support new and productive collaborations between academic instructors, historians, archivists and students.

In January 2016, the archivists of the LaGuardia and Wagner Archives at LaGuardia Community College, CUNY joined forces with LaGuardia faculty and local Wikipedians to design a project that would increase online visibility of archival holdings as well as introduce students to the process of archival research and most ambitiously, to involve them in establishing unwritten historical narratives that are crucial towards building a more inclusive public history of activism and our cities. During an early meeting with the team of students - called “Koch Scholars” - a much needed Wikipedia entry was identified that surprisingly did not yet exist. The students collaboratively worked all semester building a localized historical narrative on HIV/AIDS in New York City based upon unique archival sources that included the papers of Mayor Ed Koch and 1980s city government documents.

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30 minutes
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May not be able to present on Mon. 10/10 depending on flight back
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