Submissions:2016/Much Ado About Budgets, Or How to Estimate and Exhaust Grant Funds

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Much Ado About Budgets, Or How to Estimate and Exhaust Grant Funds
Advocacy & Outreach
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Amanda Bittaker
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Learn how to accurately and transparently estimate costs and track spending throughout a grant cycle.

In a clearly laid out budget, your funder can see the reasoning behind your expense estimates, reducing the back-and-forth before a grant gets approved. And less uncertainty how budget is allocated and when it is spent allows you to maximize the usefulness of financial resources.

This workshop comprises:

  • Brief overview of framework for budgeting and spending a budget for a grant
  • Demonstration of budgeting and budget vs. actual spending templates that track expenditures in relation to your budget
  • In small groups, practice using the framework to draft a budget and track expenditures through a grant cycle

Topics covered will include:

  • A process for building a transparent and effective budget
  • Planning for shared costs
  • Planning for administrative costs
  • How to track spending through the grant to achieve maximum cost recovery
Length of presentation
50 min.
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Preferred room size
20-30, small working group format preferred.
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