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Guide for wiki meetups
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Lane Rasberry
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Currently there is no default guidance for anyone who coordinates a Wikimedia project that includes off-wiki outreach. There are models for fulfilling specialized roles, including for people who arrange Wikimedia partnerships with groups of students, organizations, and organizing general community meetups, but advice for these functions is separated and often people who would start a Wikipedia outreach project fail to find instructions which fit their need.

In this presentation I define a wiki ambassador as anyone who acts organizes online Wikimedia projects between the Wikimedia community and any group or organization off-wiki. I review the basics which I think anyone doing outreach should consider including in their program plans, including the following:

  1. Documenting the project on-wiki
  2. Seeking and noting community review in advance
  3. Tracking and reporting program outcomes to all stakeholders
  4. Browsing options for additional support, including training, partnerships, and Wikimedia community grants

Attendees of this presentation will leave with basic understanding of the minimal recommendations for anyone organizing a Wikipedia outreach program of any kind. This presentation will be a deconstruction of the basics for anyone who already does Wikimedia outreach, but also an attempt at explaining the least complicated way to find success in sort of Wikipedia partnership including a one-day wiki event to an ongoing program over time.

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30 minutes
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