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Wikipedia in Libraries: Case Studies in Wikipedia Outreach and Training in Academic Libraries
GLAM, education
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Cliff Anderson, Mary Anne Caton and Ed Warga
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Clifford Anderson, CatonMA, and Warga1
Vanderbilt University, University of Texas A&M, Corpus Christi

How can Wikipedia become incorporated into academic libraries’ instructional program? In this talk, three professional librarians will discuss the their use of Wikipedia to promote students’ understanding of library special collections, to increase the understanding of good citation practices, to foster collaboration with regional universities and libraries, and to expand their knowledge of certain subject areas. Case studies from will explore how different modes of engagement from course instruction to edit-a-thons have contributed to student learning and the development of an engaged community of Wikipedians among students, librarians, and faculty.

Some questions we will consider are: how do librarians work with different academic disciplines?, How might librarians connect with each other to increase institutional support and develop best practices?, How can academic libraries use Wikipedia tools and community to increase use and access to institutional resources and digitized materials?, Does working with physical objects affect the outcome of the event?, And how can librarians use Wikipedia to reinforce traditional skills such as proper citation practices?

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45 min.
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