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ON HOLD due to schedule conflicts


The future of paid editing: Policy, enforcement, and legal issues

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Paid editing

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Smallbones, Doc James, WWB, Representative of WMF Legal, others invited

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English Wikipedia, Commons, WikiProject:Medicine


Paid editing (especially undisclosed paid editing) and other types of conflict-of-interest editing remains controversial 3 years after the change to Wikimedia's terms of use requiring disclosure. This panel will discuss the future of paid editing on Wikipedia, analyze why the problems continue, discuss how it might be better managed, and what other steps might be taken to curb abuses.

  • Doc James, community elected WMF Board member elect and the best known MD among Wikipedia editors, will concentrate on paid editing and medical articles
  • Smallbones will concentrate on paid editing and non-medical businesses
  • WWB, disclosed COI editor since 2008, and president of Beutler Ink
  • A representative of WMF legal
  • Member of arbcom invited
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45 mins-1 hour

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possible time conflicts (will let you know)

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yes, not on program

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