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Support for users across all devices: the uncertain history and future of MediaWiki mobile support
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Isarra Yos
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Mobile support is a very major problem for Wikimedia and with MediaWiki in general. Mobile is currently the main way a majority of people access Wikipedia and the sister projects, and for readers and users in some regions, may even be the only way they can.

And yet most skins simply don't support mobile at all, only providing a usable desktop experience. Minerva/MobileFrontend resolves the problem to some extent for readers, but presents major issues and limitations for editors and desktop use cases, as it does this primarily by removing features entirely. Timeless as another skin attempts to resolve mobile issues for editors with a more full-featured scaled interface, but also doesn't actually work in practice largely due to a lack of MediaWiki core support and even the content itself - most content and common features of the software itself simply are not responsive to begin with. And yet the fact of the matter is we need to be able to effectively support users across all devices with a single, cohesive interface, scaling responsively to properly fit each.

To do this will require both an understanding of where we have come from as communities and with our products, and also considerable work from developers and editors alike. While work has been ongoing toward this end for years now, let's discuss how we can all help to move this forward more effectively.

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