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"Professor, the bookstore has no textbook listed for this course!": Relying on WikiEdu & Wikipedia to Teach Research Methods


Reliability of Information
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Relying on Wikipedia in higher education as a source of course assignments, information-seeking, or secondary research is one that is reliable, timely, and valid. However, many students, faculty, and administrators do not initially believe in the utility and authenticity of this practice. This presentation describes the experience of an assistant professor (presenter) using Wikipedia through several human communication courses to provide course assignments and teach students the reliability of using Wikipedia and creating and editing pages. In addition, the presentation will focus on using WikiEdu and Wikipedia in lieu of a traditional textbook in a research methods course with 35 undergraduate students. The experience of the resistance received from other departmental faculty and students enrolled in the course will be discussed and shared with the audience. Ultimately the goal of this presentation is to share the experience of using Wikipedia and WikiEdu to meet the course's student learning outcomes and how these objectives were met and surpassed. Relying on the tenets of inoculation theory and framed using social judgment theory attendees will be provided with a lens for understanding how to best construct counterarguments for explaining to administrators, faculty, and students the justification of using Wikipedia to learn course information, and for the justifications for aiming to produce original and novel student material that is reliable for others access on Wikipedia. The presenter is an expert in the study of lying and deception and focuses his teaching and research on ideas of authenticity, truth, deception and the like - ultimately this perspective on veracity will frame the presentation.

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Darrin J. Griffin

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The University of Alabama

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20 minutes

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