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This submission has been withdrawn by its author.


How can Africa and North America partner to promote the goals of the Foundation



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Africa has become a budding region within the Wikimedia movement. There are a lot of activities on going, however there is a need for more collaborations to bring communities there at par with communities with more experience. Close collaborations hold a key to ensuring these communities develop rapidly and explore their full potentials within the movement. Although there is the existence of some unofficial collaborations between some usergroups in North America and Africa eg. Afrocrowd and OFWA, I believe this could be further explored to include more Usergroups and chapters across both regions. This presentation will expose participants to how the activities of the movement has grown on the region over the years past. The presentation will also shed light on the various countries within Africa where various interventions. It will also touch on the types of interventions happening in the respective countries. The presentation will then focus on the needs of these budding communities and areas of possible partnerships in terms of the gaps that exist in these countries and thematic projects like GLAM,Wikipedia Education Project etc where the particular group is desirous of partnering. (This will be based on a survey I will conduct for the Usergroups in Africa using the African Wikimedian mailing list). Finally this will also seek to explore possible collaboration between Wiki Indaba Oeganizing Committee (WISCOM) and Wiki Conference North America.

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Raphael Berchie

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Open Foundation West Africa

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