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How to tie together Commons, Wikidata, and possibly Wikipedia by using :commons:Special:SuggestedTags


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On Commons, the Special:Suggested tags presents images or other media that need tagging for structured data. Often these files are uncategorized. This presentation will show how to use Commons, Wikipedia, and Wikidata together to find an appropriate category. If it does not exist, then there are steps to assign the new category to the file, create this new category that will contain a {{Wikidata Infobox}} and its own categories, then associate it with the appropriate Wikidata item. One can then finish adding the additional tags to the media file and publish them.

Presentation slides are at How to tie together Commons and Wikidata by using the Commons SuggestedTags tool.pdf.

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Cascadia Wikimedians User Group

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20 minutes + time at end for any questions. This could be expanded if instead turned into a workshop.

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