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Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT) and Wikipedia: What's next for Phase II


Saturday Longer Sessions, Sunday Wikimedia

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The Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT) aims to provide motivated citizens with tools and resources to discuss vaccine efficacy online. The ARTT project supplies users with connectors to expert guidance that can be used in analyzing information online and responding to others through trust-building ways.

To understand ARTT, think back to a distressing social media post or exchange in recent months regarding something factual — this group will be no stranger to these examples. The topic could be related to climate change, or elections, or, let’s say: vaccine efficacy. Consider the emotions felt during the social media exchange, or maybe the way you wanted to dissect the information using sources such as the World Health Organization or a scientific journal, or even perhaps. Many of us, with little subject matter expertise, feel a sense of uncertainty about how to recommend one report versus another other. But now consider too: what if this exchange online is with not just an unknown person in the world, but someone in your community that people you know rely upon: maybe a local journalist, or even your neighborhood lead on Nextdoor? Perhaps this person is your friend, or a family member? What do you say about vaccines, and how do you say it? This challenge of communicating complex information in human relationships is the core inspiration behind the ARTT project.

Since 2022, Wikimedia DC has been linking Wikipedians with the team behind ARTT in an effort to determine how ARTT could incorporate Wikipedia into its educational response feature. During workshops in February and April of 2022, we asked experienced Wikipedians to fill out a questionnaire and discuss how they assess the quality of Wikipedia articles related to vaccines. Input gathered during these sessions has been considered in the design of ARTT. During the proposed session, we will share updates on the status of ARTT and its Wikipedia-related features. We will also review next steps for gathering input from Wikipedians during ARTT's second phase.

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Ariel Cetrone

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Ariel Cetrone (WMDC)

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Wikimedia DC

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30 minutes

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Yes. DC Hack-a-thon 2022.

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