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A roadmap for engagement: the Wikipedia Workbook for Cultural Institutions

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Lightning talk

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Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, GLAM (Galleries/Libraries/Archives/Museums), Partnerships


I would like to introduce the "Wikipedia Workbook for Cultural Institutions", 2024 (2nd Edition, CC BY-SA 4.0), which was made possible by support from Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami.

This workbook is designed to help Wikipedians, Wikimedians in Residence and interested institutions to survey their opportunities for engagement with Wikipedia and its related projects. The goal of the workbook is to enable you to plan a roadmap for engagement with an institution. The workbook is written with GLAMs in mind (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums), but is broadly applicable.

The workbook is organized so that it pairs information with related tasks. You can select the content that is most useful to you. Major sections include: Using this workbook, Wikipedia articles, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Logic models and metrics, Institutional workflows, and a bibliography of Resources. The second edition includes new topics like dealing with disinformation and using OpenRefine.

The intention is not to teach someone everything they need to know about Wikipedia and its related projects. The intention is to give an overview of key projects that exist, the ways in which they can and cannot be used, and where to find resources to learn more about using them. This guide can help partners to assess their resources, identify areas where they can potentially contribute, define their goals, and plan ways to measure their impact.

I hope that this guide will be useful in planning your trip through Wikipedia and its related projects, and that it will support you in subsequent explorations and engagement!

A link to the second edition will be provided.

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Mary Mark Ockerbloom

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Mary Mark Ockerbloom

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Philadelphia WikiSalon

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