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One of the vastly underutilized, but lucrative areas for furthering Wikimedia's mission is video content. When done well, video explanatory content can provide a rich adjunct to textual content that can immediately be used in a wide range of Wikipedia language editions.

However, currently only around 0.1% of Wikipedia articles have any associated video content. The vast majority of articles on sport, dance, cooking or topics that benefit from visual explanations are severely lacking in moving image content. Using metrics and the experiences from the en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Wiki Makes Video project, this session will describe efforts to foster more video creation and the challenges of doing so with open video standards and a community that has largely been text-oriented for the last decade.

What can be done to encourage more video content, and what technical features are the Wikimedia Foundation's new multimedia team and the community doing to further this?

This session explains the current state of video in Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons and provides a tutorial on how to get involved with an array of video creation activities.

  1. Describe the current rate of video use in Wikipedia, where only a tiny fraction of articles have any associated video
  2. Explain the open video standards Ogg and WebM, and why their lack of widespread adoption has been challenging to Wikipedia/Wikimedia
  3. Recount how 2014 saw a community referendum that rejected use of the popular MPEG-4 standard
  4. Show what tasks the community can get involved in with video creation, including:
  • Shooting techniques for original video creations
  • Clipping and editing of existing archival or free license videos, such as from the Internet Archive, Library of Congress, the National Archives or Smithsonian
  • Demonstrating the best video content that currently exists in Wikipedia
  • Showing step-by-step instructions on how to use tools for Ogg and WebM encoding
  • Time permitting, a hands-on workshop on how to shoot, edit, transcode and upload video to Wikipedia


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