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GLAM, Education (and really, community too)
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Kevin Gorman
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Kevin Gorman
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UC Berkeley
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I'm the Wikipedia-in-Residence at UC Berkeley. Although WiR postings have been common in other cultural institutions, I am the first US-based Wikimedian to occupy such a post at a University. My job duties have effectively ended up being a hybridization of the traditional campus ambassador and the traditional Wikipedian-in-Residence. I work directly with US Education Program classes and stsudents in a way that is far more intensive than is traditional for campus ambassadors, and start my work with classes earlier in the semester than is typical. I was involved with course and assignment design before the courses launched to the tune of dozens of hours, and have tried to ensure that my courses avoid all of the common pitfalls that education program courses fall in to. Besides for working directly with courses, I have also been interfacing with some of the GLAM's that UC Berkeley runs in order to try to get historically significant holding released that may be at Berkeley and nowhere else - the early development of the free speech movement, etc. In order to ensure that my result are as replicable as possible, I will be meticulously documenting everything I do (including course design) and releasing a CC-by-SA report at the end of the semester that covers what we did, what what well, went went poorly, and suggested changes for future iterations of similar programs. Besides for those two main tracks, I'm also just available on campus as a general resource about Wikipedia to any interested person, and have started dozens of conversations that are headed towards interesting collaborations. I've also been in significant contact with the press over my position, and intend to talk (briefly) about my insights regarding best practices in dealing with press in Wikimedia-based settings, whether as a volunteer or as someone who has some paid position affiliated with the movement.

I'm intending my presentation to basically be a summing up of my experiences over the course of the semester (some of which haven't happened yet :),) as well as highlighting key takeaways for the benefit of future and current program leaders.

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Including a Q&A section, I could easily fill 75 minutes. I could also easily adopt downwards to fit in to part of a larger session as needed, although I would greatly prefer to have at least a 35 minute session.
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