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This page is currently under construction.

WikiConference USA 2014 will be organized by a dedicated team of volunteers from Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia DC, as well as Wikimedians from various parts of the United States.

Organizing Team Structure

The Organizing Team is consists of the Program Committee, Scholarship Committee, and designated director and coordinator roles.

Lead Coordinators

Conference Director

Jennifer Baek

Deputy Conference Director

James Hare


Program Chair

Richard Knipel

Deputy Program Chair

Emily Temple-Wood

Program Officers

Bob Cummings
David Goodman
Dorothy Howard
Bob Kosovsky
Ann Matsuuchi
Lori Phillips
Lane Rasberry
Adrianne Wadewitz


Scholarship Chair

Kirill Lokshin

Scholarship Officers



Volunteer Chair

Katie Baxter


Technology Supervisor

Jeremy Baron

Technology Advisor

Peter Hess


Financial Chair

Note: The Financial Chair will work in coordination with the Treasurers of Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia DC.

Dorothy Howard


Media Chair