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WikiConference North America
Indianapolis — 3-6 October 2024
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The Wiki Culture Crawl is a WikiConference North America tradition, held on the day before the conference proper, on Thursday October 3.

There will be a series of GLAM tours and edit-a-thons in the morning and the afternoon, to be followed by the opening night reception in the evening. Times and locations are still being worked out, so check back soon!


October 3 - Thursday - Culture Crawl

Time Partner Location Register + more info
TBD IUPUI, Indianapolis (4614189840).jpg Indiana University Indianapolis University Library

Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives

755 W. Michigan St. Register!
TBD Eskenazi Hall - IUPUI - DSC00473.JPG Herron Art Library 735 W. New York St. Register!
TBD StateCapitolIndiana.jpg Indiana Statehouse 200 W. Washington St. Register!
TBD Indianapolis - 2015-08-02 - Alejandro 04.jpg Indiana State Library 315 W. Ohio St. Register!
TBD Loudmouth Books.jpg Register!
Indie Bookstore Crawl
Indy Reads, Loudmouth Books, and more
414 W. Vermont St. Register!

Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives

Herron Art Library

Indiana Statehouse

Indiana State Library

Indie Bookstore Crawl

4 independent bookstores, each with their own unique flavor, will be on this organized tour with a chartered van. Space is limited!