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What is WikiConference North America?


WikiConference North America (formerly WikiConference USA) is the annual conference of Wikimedia enthusiasts and volunteers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

2017's conference will take place in Montreal on August 9-10, which leads right into Wikimania 2017 on August 11-13. An exciting program is currently being developed, including a Culture Crawl, photo drive, speakers, lightning talks, and more.

Registration for WNCA 2017 will be hosted through Wikimania’s registration system as a pre-conference. Stay tuned for more details. If you would like to stay informed leading up to the event, you may sign up for our mailing list.


Registration for WikiConference North America is done through Wikimania's registration system.


  1. Head to Wikimania's Eventbrite page.
  2. Click on the green register button.
  3. Select the tickets you would like. The full WikiConference North America requires Day 1 and Day 2 of the pre-conference.
    1. If you are only planning on attending WikiConference North America's activities on Day 1, you may use the promo code wmcon2017 to receive Day 1 of the pre-conference for free. Note that if you apply this coupon code, you may only attend WikiConference North America on that Day 1 of the pre-conference; the other activities that day will be unavailable.


We invite you to submit a proposal for a workshop, seminar, tutorial, panel, or presentation! Programming will take place on Day 2 of the pre-conference, August 10.

If you are presenting at Wikimania 2017, but would also like to present at WikiConference North America, we still encourage you to submit a proposal; there will be many concurrent tracks at Wikimania, and presenting twice will allow you to reach more people who may otherwise miss out on your presentation.

Submissions are being reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.

Learn more and submit your proposal today →

Presentation types

Type Description Length
Panel A facilitated discussion among three or more speakers on a pre-selected topic. 30–45 min.
Workshop A facilitated group-wide discussion or hands-on tutorial/work session on a pre-selected topic. 30–75 min.
Presentation A presentation on any topic within the themes covered by the conference. 15–30 min.
Unconference Lightning talk, open space, and other informal formats. Various

Proposal themes

  • Advocacy & Outreach
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Education and Academic Engagement
  • Community
  • GLAM

Wiki Culture Crawl

Wikipedians at the San Diego Museum of Natural History at last year's Culture Crawl.

Each WikiConference North America hosts a Culture Crawl - a day-long event where we collaborate with local museums, libraries, and cultural institutions to host free backstage tours, edit-a-thons, and more. These crawls are a fantastic opportunity for conference attendees to experience the local culture, as well as collaborate with local institutions to improve Wikipedia.

This year's Culture Crawl will be on Day 1 of the pre-conference, August 9. We have established relationships and are planning free access and events with the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) and McGill University. At the BAnQ, we plan to have en edit-a-thon, where Wikimedians utilize the Archive's resources to improve Wikipedia's coverage of Montreal's people - and ending with an evening reception.

Check out our one pager on the event.

Learn more →

Photo drive

This large gathering of Wikimedians presents a great opportunity to help photograph and cover Montreal on the Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia, and Wikidata. The goal: photograph notable buildings and historical sites (both inside and out), as well as photographing the artifacts and works found with our Culture Crawl collaborators (such as the century-old works provided by the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. Prizes will be available, with more details to come.

Learn more →