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Toronto — 9-12 November 2023
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Below is a series of instructions with photographs to guide you through Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) to various transit options to the conference's designated hotel (Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre, 30 Carlton St).

Before arrival

For international travellers, you are encouraged to download ArriveCAN app (available in English, French and Spanish) before the flight to Canada. Complete the immigration and customs declarations in the app. You can submit your declarations through the app 72 hours before your arrival in Canada.

Upon arrival

For international flights, you will clear immigration first. If you already submitted your declaration through ArriveCAN app in advance, you can use the line for kiosks and eGates. Follow the instructions on the kiosk/eGate and take the receipt to a border services officer. Do not throw away the receipt! After going through the border, pick up any checked luggage from the luggage carousel and hand over the receipt when going through the customs.

For domestic flights, just pick up any checked luggage from the luggage carousel and head out.

From YYZ to hotel

Toronto Pearson Airport is in Mississauga. It is not in Toronto city proper. You will need to make your way to Toronto.

Leaving the terminal

Depending on your airline, you are either in Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. Terminal 1 is served by all Star Alliance airlines, Air North, Canadian North, Emirates and Lynx Air. Terminal 3 is served by all remaining airlines (including airlines in Skyteam and Oneworld alliances).

Some transit options are not available in Terminal 3 (i.e. GO Transit bus and UP Express). If you are unsure which terminal you are in, ask any staff or look for signs to the other terminal.

Transit options to hotel

You have several options to get to the conference's designated hotel. The duration and price stated here are only for reference and do not include any delays due to traffic congestion.

By Union Pearson Express

UP Express train

The Union Pearson Express (UP Express) train station is in Terminal 1. Follow the sign for "Trains to City". If you are in Terminal 3, take the free Terminal Link shuttle train to Terminal 1. You can purchase a ticket ($12.35 for adults one-way) from the Union Pearson Express kiosk located in both Terminal 1, Terminal 3, any machines marked with Union Pearson Express tickets or at the UP Express station. The UP Express station is tucked at the far end of the Terminal Link shuttle's station in Terminal 1, between the two shuttle train tracks! Ride on the train for 25 mins and get off at Union Station. Pay for the TTC fare ($3.25) and ride 4 stops on Yonge-University direction to College Station. At College Station, look for the exit for Carlton St. and walk east for 3 mins to the hotel.

Total cost and time: $15.60; 38 mins

By bus and subway

Look for this pillar with TTC logo if you want to take the bus to the subway station

The much slower but economical way is to take a combination of TTC bus and subway. In both terminals, follow the signs for "Public Buses". Purchase a ticket from the ticket machine, use your credit card, or pay exact change ($3.25) when boarding. Take TTC's route 900 Airport Express to Kipling Station and transfer to subway line 2. Then take the subway to Bloor-Yonge station and transfer to line 1 bound for Union Station direction. Ride 2 stops to College station. Look for the station exit for Carlton St. and walk east for 3 mins to the hotel.

Total cost and time: $3.25; ~60 to 75 mins

By rideshare

You can hail an Uber or Lyft in either terminal at the airport. Follow the signs for "Ride App Pickup". The pickup location in Terminal 1 is Grounds Level - Door Q or P and in Terminal 3 is Arrivals Level - Door D outer curb.

Total cost and time: $50+ (subject to surge pricing); ~40 to 60 mins

By taxi

Taxis will charged a flat rate of $61 to the hotel. They accept credit cards. You can hail a taxi on the terminal curbs near Door D on the Arrivals Level in Terminal 1 and Door F on Arrivals Level in Terminal 3. Licensed taxis are marked with a GTAA number plate on the bumper and decal on the window.

Total cost and time: $61; ~40 to 60 mins

From YTZ to hotel

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is on an island in downtown waterfront of Toronto. It is much quicker and easier to get to the hotel than from Toronto Pearson Airport.

Leaving the terminal

Pedestrian tunnel to mainland

Take escalator/elevator to basement level for the pedestrian tunnel to Toronto. The end of the tunnel is on mainland Toronto. Take the escalator/elevator up to ground floor.

Transit options to hotel

By shuttle bus and subway

Free shuttle bus to Union Station

You can take the free shuttle bus to Union Station. The shuttle bus stop is in front of the mainland terminal structure and departs every 15 mins. The shuttle bus drops you off beside Fairmont Royal York hotel. Cross Front St. W and head into Union Station. Look for signs for TTC. Take TTC subway ($3.25) and ride 4 stops on Yonge-University direction to College Station. At College Station, look for the exit for Carlton St. and walk east for 3 mins to the hotel.

Total cost and time: $3.25; 25 mins

By rideshare/taxi

You can hail an Uber, Lyft or taxi in front of the mainland terminal structure.

Total cost and time: $15-20; 35 mins