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How we organized a 1500 person meetup (and you could too)
community, outreach, GLAM
Type of submission
workshop, or presentation/panel, pending conference needs
Jacqueline Mabey & Michael Mandiberg
E-mail address
Jacqueline Mabey (User:Failedprojects) & Michael Mandiberg (User:Theredproject)
CUNY, Art+Feminism
Over the weekend of International Women’s Day, March 6-8, 2015, approximately 1500 participants convened in 75 locations in 17 countries, on 4 continents, to edit Wikipedia articles on women and the arts. During, this day, nearly 400 new articles were created and over 500 articles received significant improvements. 1500 people attended globally, putting this event in line with attendance at Wikimania. The event was covered by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and ARTnews, among many others. This was a productive and substantial growth from the inaugural 2014 event, which had around 600 participants in 31 locations and created 101 new articles, and improved 90. For our efforts, the organizers of the 2014 edit-a-thon were named to Foreign Policy magazine’s list of Leading Global Thinkers.
We are proposing a presentation and/or workshop that will talk about parts of our process that we feel were most crucial in enabling this outcome. We are flexible about scope and duration: we can give a shorter talk, or a longer workshop. Jacqueline Mabey, and Michael Mandiberg will be presenting, as well as any organizers of Art+Feminism nodes who are in attendance at the conference. This presentation/workshop is meant to be useful both for potential A+F node organizers, as well as Wikimedia organizers more broadly; we feel our techniques and strategies are broadly applicable.
Length of presentation
30-45 min. for presentation/panel (pending number of A+F node organizers), 60 min. for workshop (flexible on timing and format)
Special schedule requests
Prefer not to present Friday because of work schedule.
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