Submissions:2015/Movements on Wikipedia: Dance, Feminism, and the Content Gap

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Movements on Wikipedia: Dance, Feminism, and the Content Gap
community, outreach
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Megan Wacha
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The City University of New York, Wikimedia NYC

The Wikipedia community cites sources that are described as reliable and authoritative in order to uphold one of its primary pillars - to write from a neutral point of view. And from scholarly articles and monographs to, when framed appropriately, newspapers and magazines, the range of what counts as a reliable source seems diverse. However, at a moment when the gender gap and representation of other marginalized groups dominate conversations about Wikipedia’s content and its community of editors, it becomes necessary to question these notions of authority. How does a community that’s been historically marginalized by scholarship mark itself as notable? How does a community of dance write itself into the encyclopedia that anyone can edit?

This presentation will examine the challenges to representing one community of practice, that of twentieth century American concert dance. It will discuss concepts of authority, sourcing, and intellectual property within its community and the barriers these issues pose to its representation on Wikipedia. While it will offer some possible actions that operate within Wikipedia’s existing guidelines and culture, the primary purpose of this presentation is to foster conversation about the implications of concepts of reliability on other Wikiprojects and issues of importance to the Wikipedia community.

Length of presentation
30 minutes, includes conversation
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