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Video in Wikimedia: Today and Tomorrow
tech and community
Type of submission
panel and workshop
Andrew Lih, Brion Vibber
E-mail address
User:Fuzheado, User:Brion_VIBBER
American University, Wikimedia Foundation

SUMMARY: After a long period of stagnation, video has come a long way in the Wikimedia movement in the last year. A visual content community has emerged and English Wikipedia has grown to more than 7,000 articles with video through efforts such as Wiki Makes Video. In 2015, there were two big breakthroughs with the creation of a "video editing server" prototype through the efforts of the German chapter and the launch of ogvjs, a Javascript-based media player that allows for immediate Ogg Theora video playback in any modern browser. This session describes the technical and cultural obstacles in incorporating more video in the Wikimedia movement and how they are being addressed with these efforts. We also discuss plans for the future that include working with the Mozilla Foundation and the Internet Archive for a fully distributed collaborative video editing ecosystem.


  • Overview
    • State of open video standards - Overview of Ogg Theora and WebM
    • Community RFC on using MPEG-4 - January 2014 RFC on video standards adoption and using patent encumbered formats
    • Implications of open source requirements for users, creators and uploaders - formats, editing tools, browsers, codecs
  • Developments
    • Rationale, design and implementation of the German Schnittserver (editing server) project
    • Developing and launching ogvjs by Brion Vibber, a JavaScript media player using Ogg/Vorbis/Theora/Opus/WebM libs compiled with Emscripten source-to-source compiler
    • Overview of video content in English Wikipedia
    • Creating a fully distributed collaborative video editing ecosystem for the future
      • Mozilla's Webmaker Popcorn - a browser-based multimedia assembly interface
      • Internet Archive for uploading, transcoding and storage
      • Designing a wiki-like workflow for distributed collaborative video production
        • Video equivalents of edit history, diffs, recent changes, et al.

What are videos for in Wikipedia? Discuss the articles that contain the majority of videos today, and identify categories ripe for video content, Challenges in viewing, producing and uploading - A discussion of what devices can and cannot view Commons video today, why your iOS device can't view video, and the efforts needed to produce, edit and upload video

Length of presentation
45 to 60 minutes
Special schedule requests
Saturday preferred, for Brion Vibber's schedule
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