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Bringing Executive Coaching to Post Secondary
Academic Peer Review option
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Matt Stewart
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Centre For Arts and Technology
The idea of Executive Coaching has been embraced by leaders in boardrooms across the globe - From Wall Street, to the Square Mile Financial District of London, Bay Street in Toronto and in Financial centers across the world – business leaders make use of Executive Coaches to help them pinpoint and refine their behaviours to enhance their success.

I would love to talk about the impact of bringing an Executive Coach from Canada’s Financial District into the classroom and how students have embraced this One-on-One approach that helps them focus on their high-impact behaviours to achieve academic and personal success. As our next generation prepares to enter the workforce – how are we preparing them with the self-directed mindset in order to be successful in this every changing and highly competitive world?

I plan on sharing my own journey as well… as someone who worked successfully to stage an Olympics Games in Vancouver to working with several of Canada’s largest Financial Intuitions – how I had to redefine personal success after a cancer diagnosis. My own definition of success changed one day as I was in the hospital lying on a cold examination table – and the doctor brought in a class of medical students to be there during my treatment and tests that day. I watched that senior doctor – not tell or give the students any answers – but instead she asked the students Socratic-like questions to allow the medical students to help diagnosis and treat my cancer. That senior doctor’s approach with her students was the same approach I had taken with my senior leaders -> not telling but coaching the business leader to self-discover the answers. That’s when I knew I could bring my skills as an Executive Coach into a classroom.

To be successful in this world – we cannot just be giving students all the answers – we need to coach them to have the right mindset and ask the right questions in order to help take them and all of us to the next level of success and be competitive.

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15 minutes
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