Submissions:2016/Developing Community Based Strategies for Smartphone Enabled Medicine

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Developing Community Based Strategies for Smartphone Enabled Medicine
community, health, technology
Academic Peer Review option
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Sanjeev Bhavnani, MD
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Scripps Clinic
The convergence of science and technology in our dynamic digital era has resulted in the development of innovative digital devices that allow

easy and accurate characterization in health and disease. Technological advancements and the miniaturization of diagnostic instruments to modern smartphone-connected and mobile health (mHealth) devices such as the iECG, handheld ultrasound, and lab-on-a-chip technologies have led to increasing enthusiasm for patient care with promises to improve healthcare quality. This ‘hype’ for mHealth has recently intersected with the ‘real world’ and is providing important insights into how patients and practitioners are utilizing digital health technologies. It is also raising important questions regarding the evidence supporting widespread device use. In this presentation we aim to provide a framework for the advances in mHealth by understanding the various device, patient, and healthcare related factors as they relate to digital health from device designs and development, to patient engagement and community involvement. We will discuss strategies for community digital health engagement and community participation for the design of new technology enabled healthcare at the individual and population-based levels. We will specifically discuss new advances for the utilization of smartphone medicine in the healthcare settings of resource limited areas of developing countries and how such areas can develop, measure, and improve health care access and delivery with mobile health technologies

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30 minutes
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