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Grades and the Gender Gap: How Student Editors are Writing Women into Wikipedia
Education and Academic Engagement
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Jami Mathewson
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User:Jami (Wiki Ed)
Wiki Education Foundation

Students and instructors working with the Wiki Education Foundation (Wiki Ed) have added thousands of new articles and millions of words to the English Wikipedia. Their work has not just expanded Wikipedia as a whole but has targeted academic areas where Wikipedia's coverage is limited. Through a strategic partnership with the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA), students in our program have contributed 4% of all content added to topics related to women’s and gender studies. Adam Hyland joined Patti Provance of NWSA at the Wiki Diversity Conference for a similar presentation.

I will share updated metrics, highlight student contributions to articles related to women's and gender studies, and show how students are impacting public scholarship within the discipline. I'm excited to share how we identified an underrepresented discipline on Wikipedia and tapped into higher education to fill those gaps.

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15 min
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