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Healthcare Ethics in Digital Age –A Professional perspective on America and India
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Jagannathan Govindan
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Healthcare Ethics is a broad term which covers moral practice/conduct required in Healthcare services for all stake holders involved. So it includes Healthcare insurance company, the provider, patient and even the government. In this paper I want to explore healthcare ethics in digital world from an insider point of view as I am healthcare professional for 9 years now and focusing only on American and Indian Healthcare system.

American Healthcare System – In America, the system is moving more and more towards digital technology and with it the need for updating ethical principles too. We didn’t know how to react when a healthcare insurance company’s databases were breached by hackers and stole the social security numbers and credit card information. It became imperative that more care and investment had to be made on data security and a standard to hold the insurance company responsible for the same. Similar scenario can be imagined for Healthcare provider too, in case of a breach or theft in a hospital premises how secure is our PHI. Having to pay hefty fine and reacting with stricter control measures will not help as we end up being reactive. I want to explore the measures and best practices of Healthcare ethics.

Indian Healthcare System – In India, the digital revolution in healthcare delivery is still evolving and is very much in a nascent stage. Again this gives the reason for coming up with ethical practices which are followed around the globe and need for a watch dog to oversee the same. In this paper I want to explore the approach needed in moving towards a whole digital delivery of healthcare services and the best ethical practices that could be imbibed in the system.

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