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How Wikipedia Can Reverse the Historical Erasure of LGBT Communities
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K. Fustich
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Queer history/theory has been written out of history almost completely. Popular history textbooks don't seem to acknowledge LGBT communities even existed until the Stonewall Riots, and even then it's viewed as a "fringe" group as opposed to a vital force in history. While editing Abraham Lincoln's page to include evidence of his queer sexuality may involve conjecture, many other cases have physical, source-able proof that has gone unacknowledged. As more and more young people turn to Wikipedia for information, study help, or casual reading, it is imperative to use this critical opportunity to ensure that another generation does not grow up believing that queer communities simply did not exist in history.

In this presentation, I will do the following:

1.) Provide a brief introduction to the history of LBGT erasure, the violence this causes, and the benefits of remedying this issue.

2.) Present resources for those wishing to participate in this re-write.

3.) Lay the foundation for LGBT "edit-a-thons," including a list of potential topics for editing.

4.) Propose various methods to involve the community and widen the contributor base in relation to this area.

The presentation will be brief, as it is intended as a jumping-off point--a foundation upon which attendees, as leaders in their communities, can build and spread the word. Following the presentation, a webpage will be available to the larger community with the information necessary to begin work on the project. My goal is to establish the editable aspect of Wikipedia as a necessity for the LGBT community, and a chance to research and reclaim the past that "traditional" history has chosen to erase. I aim to inspire the queer community to collaborate on this large-scale project so that our own history is accurate, accessible, and for the first time--true.

Length of presentation
15 - 20 minutes.
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None. Full availability.
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