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Internet Archive and Wikipedia collaboration: Link rot, multimedia and more
Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
Wendy Hanamura, Internet Archive; Andrew Lih, Wikimedia DC
E-mail address
wendy@archive.org, andrew.lih@gmail.com, Mark Graham (mark@archive.org)
Internet Archive, Wikimedia DC

The Internet Archive has become a valuable adjunct to Wikipedia since the encyclopedia was created in 2001. This session discusses how the Internet Archive has helped assist the Wikimedia movement's mission in combating dead links with its Wayback Machine and aided in video format conversion, as well as how the two communities can work more closely together in the future.

  • Dead links and link rot. For many years, the Internet Archive has been the main archiver of web sites past and present, with its Wayback Machine providing access to sites that have changed or disappeared off the Internet. IA's staff will discuss how they now automatically follow external links added to Wikipedia and archive them, and how Wikimedia and IA can work together better in this area of browsing missing online content.
  • Multimedia and video. Since 2015, the Internet Archive has worked with Wikimedia CH to supply a service to convert videos from common consumer formats to Ogg and WebM formats for use in Wikimedia Commons. This "Schnittserver" has been a successful experiment to provide mass upload and conversion, but in what other ways could the two entities work to provide easy to use multimedia tools? IA is also spearheading the development of a collaborative multimedia editor, to further the work of Mozilla Foundation's Popcorn timeline editor. How might this be used in a MediaWiki environment to realize the dream of having true collaborative multimedia production within the Wikimedia community?
  • Curation and Wikidata. While the Internet Archive has volumes of content that dwarf Wikimedia Commons, it lacks an active community of users working on its metadata. How might there be better collaboration between the Wikimedia community and IA to assist in this, and might the development of Wikidata help in the enormous task of managing its metadata across a massive collection of content?
Length of presentation
30 minutes presentation/panel
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