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The Humanity Project
All of the above.
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Yes please.
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A little bit of everything.
Lauren Littrell
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lmlittrell (surprised?!)
Humanity came to see what was happening on Earth.
Humanity could not find a home. Humanity felt scared wondering alone on Earth.
Humanity was alone and cold and scared. It was so deeply scared I could feel its body shaking in my arms as I held it.
I am practicing kindness so I took Humanity into my home. I talked with it. I laughed with it.
I nourished Humanity and Humanity nourished me.
As I shared with it and it shared with me, we began thriving together.
Humanity let me know it wanted to find more of its kind.
I did too.
Call to Humanity
You know who you are…
You are the new tomorrow…
Your World is begging for you…
Humanize Now!
I hear crying when calling to humanity;
I feel longing when searching for its pride;
I taste blood for all I am left wanting;
I smell championing just around the corner;
I see Your World coming; Humanity by its side.
Thank you for your helping, Humanity.
P.S. It takes a village!
To Succeed..
Respect Humanity at all times;
Understand Humanity or try to;
Forgive Humanity for being human; and
Protect Humanity and not things!
Length of presentation
The Humanity Project will focus on developing, implementing and adapting a program that teaches humans to thrive as a whole human being. The Project will not be political or religious. The Project is about reintroducing humans to what it means to be human on Earth under the instant circumstances. This is only about Earth’s citizens. I hope to encourage that point by accomplishing all aspects of the Humanity Project with the use of as little currency as possible.
The Cores of Humanity are Evolving and consist of the following at this point
Self-Reflecting; and
The Humanity Project will
Provide a variety of games, activities and instructions on the Cores of Humanity;
Utilize avatars to help humans build and evolve the identity they choose to become. Yet, the focus of the avatars will be building character, dignity, integrity and positive personality traits;
Involve various zones for humans across the world to reach each other two of which are “Stealing Wisdom” and “Learning Opportunities.” Our World will benefit if the inexperienced understand the importance of learning the wisdom held by those with experience. Likewise, our World will benefit if the experienced understand the importance of continuing to learn throughout their lives even from those that are inexperienced. The Humanity Project will facilitate the foregoing exchange;
Provide free access to education in the core competencies from learning skills taught and learned from birth through adulthood; and
Provide free access to learning programs for as many languages in the world which are able to be accessed.
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