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Commons and Wikidata Partnership Workflows
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Tech & Tools
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Alex Stinson
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Astinson (WMF)/Sadads
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Wikimedia Foundation
Increasingly, volunteers and affiliates in the Wikimedia movement are approached by external organizations (GLAMs and other knowledge institutions) who want to collaborate in partnerships related to structured data: data donations to Wikidata, or (in the near future) structured data media uploads to Wikimedia Commons. In this session, we look together at a general workflow for such projects - typical steps and phases in their development, and general tips and insights for each step or phase.

Data and media uploads have similar (general) workflows:

  • receiving a set of media/data;
  • processing this media/data to make it ready for Commons or Wikidata;
  • uploading the media/data;
  • processing the media/data after upload;
  • stimulating enrichment and improvement to the media/data after upload;
  • stimulating re-use of the media/data after upload;
  • evaluation and reporting after upload.

The Workshop will help participants understand the general approach to this work, and how the upcoming changes via Structured Data on Commons will change our work with uploads to and from Commons.

This sessions is based on sessions given at Wikimedia Conference Learning Days and Wikimania Learning Days by my colleague Sandra Faucounnier.

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75 minutes
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definitely need a projector
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Yes, I have supported this workshop at Learning Days at Wikimedia Conference, and have experience teaching Wikidata in other settings as well.
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