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titleStringAgents, Name Authorities, and Linked Open Data: Leveraging Wikidata for Access and Discovery of Archival Materials
themeStringGLAM / Heritage / Culture, Open Data
typeStringLightning talk

This lightning demonstrates the benefit of opening archival description for inclusion in wikidata. Archival repositories offer rich descriptive metadata about their collections and its creators, however this data is often siloed within a particular repository's archival management system. This talk highlights efforts to create and enhance a group of three hundred wikidata entities for creators of collections held by the Indiana University Archives and linked them to the repository's entity via the "archives at" property. Specific properties identified for archival collection creators included birth date and place, death date and place, occupation, field of work, educated at, and employer. Additionally these entities were linked to existing name authority identifiers from VIAF, SNAC and others. Finally the Indiana University Archives entity was enhanced to include contact information, physical location information, as well as information about its accessibility onsite and online. The aim of this small project was to establish a model of information widely applicable to repositories and collections within the archives community. It offers a low barrier way of including wikidata in archival description creation workflows, and begins to open archival metadata for use and reuse by a wide range of audiences.

authorStringJeremy Floyd
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affiliatesStringIndiana University Bloomington
timeString8 minutes

a version of this topic will be presented by me at Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting, July 2023, Washington DC