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titleStringBuilding an advanced Wikidata Curriculum
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In December 2022 Wiki Education launched its first ever project-based Wikidata course. The idea behind this course is to offer a more advanced Wikidata curriculum, based around a Wikidata project. Wiki Education has since run another iteration of this course and will be running more later in 2023. This session will highlight how this curriculum builds off of a foundational set of Wikidata learning outcomes to advance project goals. This panel will include participants from the course. We will highlight participant questions about useful tools, community interaction, project documentation, query creation, and workflow development. This session will also cover some initial successes of this course and present some challenges. We will contextualize this curriculum in the broader Wikidata/GLAM communities and demonstrate how courses like this can create more space for Wikidata projects.

Panelsits include: Jackie Rubashkin, William Blueher, Thamilini Jothilingam.

authorStringWill Kent
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usernameStringWill (Wiki Ed)
affiliatesStringWiki Education
timeString40 min

I will have slides so a projector and internet would be wonderful


Yes, SWIB 2023