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titleStringEquity, Community Engagement, and Ag: Advancing equity and increasing agricultural coverage on Wikipedia
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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Library is in its 4th year of active Wikipedia programming through the Agricultural Law Information Partnership. Following an edit-a-thon dedicated to heirs’ property in 2021, NAL has utilized Wikipedia programming and editing to address equity issues and create community engagement through programming based on emerging issues and patron suggestions. Through their programs, NAL brings in grassroots practitioners to speak on various topics, including land access, nutrition security, climate change, seed saving, food security, etc., while sharing practical solutions and resources. These resources are utilized to write and update Wikipedia articles and make coverage of underrepresented communities and related topics more equitable.Across nine events we have had 80 editors, creating 98 articles and adding hundreds of references across the topics we have covered. By sourcing issues and information from community members and practitioners, we can more fully realize the depth of issues and identify gaps we may not have otherwise found. During this presentation, I will share the impact of NAL’s work, the strategies we have developed for community sourcing and engagement, and collaboration opportunities as we expand our partnerships with tribal and indigenous colleges and historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Presentation:

authorStringJamie Flood
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affiliatesStringUS National Agricultural Library, Wikimedians of Indiana, and Wikimedia DC
timeString30-40 minutes