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The editors of the movement carry out governance in many ways, but the community has given much focus to so called "formal" or "high level" governance structures. On the project level, this looks like administrators, functionaries, and arbitration committees. On a meta level, this includes stewards and affiliates. These groups are given varying levels of responsibility by their respective communities, and each indelibly shapes the movement. As the editing world grows more tumultuous, and new challenges face the movement, how can formal governance groups help ensure the integrity of the movement?

A panel of veteran Wikimedians who have served in formal governance will discuss the role that groups such as arbitration committees, functionaries, stewards, and more have in ensuring the resiliency of projects. Moderated by current English Wikipedia Arbitrator CaptainEek, the panel will critically evaluate the function of formal governance structures, and focus on new ideas in governance.

Key questions will include how these groups really work on a day to day basis, how they interact with each other, how they protect the movement, what they're doing right, and what they could be doing better. If time allows, audience questions may be accepted.

Panel members to be confirmed pending acceptance of this submission. The intent is three to five, with a max of seven (not including moderator) if there is exceptional interest. If you are a member of one of the listed communities, and would be interested, please email CaptainEek or drop her a message on her home project: English Wikipedia. CaptainEek is hoping for at least one administrator, one functionary, one current arbitrator, and one steward. Former members, or members of more than one group, also welcome.

About the moderator: CaptainEek is an Arbitrator on the English Wikipedia, serving her second term. She loves editing about birds and history. When not at the helm of Wikipedia, she is a law student and avid public speaker.

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timeString45-60 minutes