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titleStringPeeragogy Wikibooks: Past, Present, and Future
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The Peeragogy Handbook is a Wikibook with guidance on peer learning and peer production. This lecture briefly touch on the past of the book starting in 2013 through the present with translations of portions into four languages and a refreshed Wikiproject to center the work. The main focus will be on the roadmap for the future of the Wikibook and a call for editors from the audience and around the world.

authorStringCharles Jeffrey Danoff
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affiliatesString[ Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory] and the [ Peeragogy Project]
timeString20 Minutes

Can someone else join with me remotely?


I presented about a different aspect of peeragogy at Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City and this wikibook was part of my poster for Wikimania 2023