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titleStringView it! Tool: Utilizing Structured Data on Commons for Image Discovery
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Expanded View it! gallery on the Wikipedia article for goats.

View it! is a suite of media search tools to show Wikimedia users (both editors and readers) Wikimedia Commons depicting– or otherwise related to– the article they are viewing. This helps editors easily find and add relevant items to a given Wikimedia page and can be used across all Wikimedia projects and language versions. The tool allows users access to the full catalog of relevant, tagged images on Wikimedia Commons vs the finite, highly curated images you may find on a Wikipedia article or Wikidata item.

The project page can be viewed here, and the web application can be viewed at

View it! was funded for development by the Wikimedia Foundation's Structured Data Across Wikimedia project, and is now being maintained in a volunteer capacity. Our team will walk attendees through View it!’s capabilities and structured data usage. We will show how results have changed throughout the development process and discuss ways View it! has been found helpful for users. Participants will be invited to try the tool for themselves, and discuss ways they might find it helpful and future features they'd like to see.


authorStringDominic Byrd-McDevitt (User:Dominic), Kevin Payravi (User:SuperHamster), Jamie Flood (User:JamieF)
emailList of Email, delimiter: ,
affiliatesStringWikimedia DC, Wikimedia Ohio, Wikimedia Indiana, Digital Public Library of American, US Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library
timeString30 minutes to 1 hour

WikiConference North America 2022 (see submission), as well as hosting various virtual demos