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WikiConference USA 2014 • New York City

This page is an unofficial draft, and is subject to change.

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Main Sponsors

the Wikimedia Foundation New York Law School

Institutional Sponsors

  • Consumer Reports
  • CUNY Libraries
  • New York Public Library
  • OCLC

Financial sponsorship opportunities

Wikiconference USA offers opportunities for organizations to sponsor the conference. Wikiconference USA is free to attend but not free to host, and practically all participants of the conference will be attending at their own expense. It is to be expected that half of the attendees will be students, and by Wikipedia community culture, most attendees would describe their participation in the conference as non-profit volunteering in a social movement.

Wikiconference USA has limited donations from the Wikimedia Foundation and New York Law School to minimally host the conference. Beyond that, all conference attendees would be appreciative of additional donations to make their experience more productive and memorable.

Levels of sponsorship


For $300 an organization can sponsor one of the 12 conference breaks with coffee, tea, and snacks. This will keep attendees caffeinated and hydrated and with energizing snacks.


For $1000 an organization can sponsor a travel scholarship to an additional Wikipedian from outside New York City to fly to the city, stay in the hostel for the conference, and fly home. Leftover funds from any funded scholarship will be used to entertain Wikipedia guests at the hostel and otherwise make scholarship recipients more comfortable.


For $2000 an organization can sponsor after-conference entertainment on Friday or Saturday night of the conference. The tentative plan if we were funded with this would be to invite everyone we could to attend a museum, live theatre, or other New York City attraction, and pay for dinner for our guests that night.