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A set of checklists for conference logistics

Central Public Library

  • Silver signage provided by library:
    • 22 inch x 28 inch posters on stands
    • Arrow signs
    • Need to check how many of these we can have
  • Requests
    • ±8' table for registration area
    • Need big whiteboard in Reading Room area for doing Unconference and/or Lightning talk signup?
    • Easels for whiteboard and possibly for registration desk area (temporary, movable)
  • Tech
    • What rooms have projectors installed and what rooms need projectors brought in?
    • Is dedicated wifi possible or is library's existing public wifi capacity adequate for conference?
  • TO DO
    • Wikipedia signage
    • Posters/displays

Balboa Park

  • Requests
    • Venue for main edit-a-thon
    • Desk for registration
    • Explorer passes
    • Best maps of BP
  • TO DO
    • Make tablecloth/banner with Wikipedia logo
    • Have signage directing folks to registration