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WikiConference North America 2016 • San Diego, California
Wikimania 2016 - Press conference with Jimmy Wales and Katherine Maher 11.jpg

Press release

WikiConference North America welcomes members of the press to the conference. Press credentials are available by contacting We also welcome any questions about the conference at the same address.

We ask that members of the press also register for the conference as a free attendee to insure an accurate headcount. Note that lunch is only available to paid attendees, but members of the press are also welcome to purchase a registration if they wish.

Members of the press are expected to adhere to the same rules of conduct as other attendees, including the Safe Space Policy and the policies regarding photography.

Please note our policy prohibiting taking or publishing photographs or video of attendees who have indicated they do not wish to be photographed by wearing red lanyards.

Press credentials are distributed at the discretion of WikiConference organizers. Press credentials will not be offered to anyone banned from any Wikimedia event under the Safe Space Policy, regardless of institutional affiliation.

Press coverage