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WikiConference North America 2017 • Montréal, Canada

WikiConference North America has two great edit-a-thons planned during Wednesday's Culture Crawl on August 9, 2017. These edit-a-thons are hosted with our Culture Crawl partners, McGill University Libraries and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ).

If you have a laptop, be sure to bring it!

McGill University Edit-a-thon

See event page on Wikipedia

Starting at 10 AM, McGill University is opening up its Data Visualization Room on the main floor of the McLennan-Redpath Library to Wikipedians for an edit-a-thon! The focus is to improve a list of Wikipedia articles curated by McGill's librarians. Participants will have access to on-site physical resources, as well as McGill's electronic subscription resources. Wireless access will be available and a bank of desktop computers will be nearby to work on.

In addition to the Data Visualization Room, participants are welcome to explore and work in other areas of the library - for example, the Rare Books & Special Collections Reading Room is open on the 4th floor from 10 am - 6pm.

Articles to work on

  1. Robert R. (Robert Russell) Reid, 1927- typographic artist, graphic designer
Library of Congress authority file
Book: Type : specimen pages of the type faces at the private press of Robert R. Reid by request in Rare Books & Special Collections
  1. Benjamin Frobisher, one of the founders of the North West company
  2. Madeleine Parent, activist, feminist, leader in women's labour movement, Quebec women's suffrage
Article : Interview with Madeleine Parent. (March 08, 2016). Studies in Political Economy, 30, 1, 13-36.
Archival Fond : Madeleine Parent Fonds : M.G. 4269.

General Resources

Rare Books and Special Collections

  1. Internet archive collection includes manuscripts, books and maps
  2. War World posters collection

McGill University Archives

  1. Book of Remembrance, Book of Remembrance, 1914-1918 Macdonald College, Book of Remembrance. 1939-1945. Macdonald College & McGill honour roll, 1914-1918
  2. McGill Yearbooks (1898-2000)
  3. The archival records of McGill University - volume 1, Private papers held at McGill University - volume 2 & volume 3
  4. McGill Student publications

Osler Library of the History of Medicine

  1. Internet Archive collection
  2. Medical Faculty calendars
  3. Archival collections

Canadian Women Edit-a-thon at the BAnQ-Vieux

See event page on Wikipedia
A look at one of the Jodain rooms at the BAnQ-Vieux

Women in Red will be hosting a multi-language Canadian Women Edit-a-thon in the Jodain rooms of the BAnQ-Vieux.

Work lists

  1. Wikidata list of Canadian women
  2. Western Canadian women
  3. The Canadian Woman's Annual and Social Service Directory