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The WikiConference 2018 medical meetup was breakout session including presentations, discussion, and a workshop for persons interested in medical content to collaborate to develop Wikipedia and Wikimedia content. This session was open to anyone. Discussion was be non-technical and accessible to beginners. Experienced Wikipedia editors and professionals in the field of health and medicine were in attendance.


group photo (left to right for each row)

  1. Anne Nelson
  2. Sam Smith
  3. Sydney Poore
  4. John Sadowski
  5. Abhishek Suryawanshi
  6. Jeremy Baron
    • Wiki NYC
    • advocating for police safety for public health
  7. Nour Geres, EditingDentist
  8. Shira Weiner
  9. ???
    • developing medical research information in Wikimedia projects
  10. Bill Beutler, User:WWB
  11. Eileen Sheil
    • Cleveland Clinic
  12. Lane Rasberry
    • Data Science Institute at the University of Virginia
  13. TJ Smith
    • working in health field, in Wikipedia to do non-health
  14. Jill Horbacewicz

Projects shared

  • Ongoing Cochrane projects
  • research project
  • publications