2019/Counter Misogyny Editathon

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Commons has very vague guidelines and a highly technical interface. This makes it easier for misogynist and racist content to proliferate, and reduces the informational reliability and credibility of the entire platform. Come help accurately label, name and categorize images that are actively being mislabelled. Working together, we can make Commons a more useful and a safer place for everyone!

This is a great opportunity to learn about Structured Data on Commons while making positive change. If you have a strong presence in and knowledge of Commons, come see us! Edit warring and bad faith reversions are common.

This session will also include oppotunities to discuss how policy on Commons can be improved in practical ways.


Event tracking is set for 08:00-23:00EST. The event is in Commons B (4 floor) from 10AM-4PM. Drop-ins encouraged!

Sign up link here

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