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Like previous WikiConferences, this conference will be organized by a core team and focused teams or committees on various issues
  • Core team: Pharos (Richard) (WMF Liaison), Econterms (Peter) (Budget/finance), and more to come
  • Logistics team: (translations, broadcast, video, platforms, working w/ Event Manager): Platforms will include presentations (zoom/google meet/jitsi, social spaces like gather, and perhaps broadcast, like Streamyard/youtube; must choose and test these, and how to degrade/backup). Also real-world logistics for the picnics. Might have social time on Clubhouse, before or during the conference or during. So far includes Pharos, econterms, peaceray, jamaicaneditor, omar_sansi, and jfarman. We'll need input from others.
  • Program team (running programming proposal process; selections; emails to all submitters; follow-up emails regarding position on schedule; training coordinator; editathon coordinator; academic coordinator; Lightning Talks coordinator): Kevin, BobCummings, Peaceray, Brandon, Richard, Peter, Rosie, Victoria
  • Communications team (design logo; outreach emails; social media; Meta page; WCNA wiki page/subpages; pre-/post-surveys); includes Peaceray, jamaicaneditor, jfarman, pharos, econterms
  • Scholarships (running scholarship app process, selections)
  • Volunteer coordinators (identify roles, seek out volunteers, manage scheduling for them)
  • Safe space (check registration, liase with WMF, monitor behavior, take complaints - keep small (2-3 highly-trusted members of the community); full time responsibility during the conference; they are the points of contact for the WMF event-ban list)
  • Awards committee? Is that separate, or part of scholarships? communications? a grants committee?
  • Fundraising committee - as opportunities present
  • Games committee:
  • WikiCommons committee (set up category/subcategories)
Tue June 1
Planned announcement of call for presentations
  • soft launch occurred ; we will wait to announce in a big way until Wikimania submissions are done circa June 18
Logistics agenda
  • Let's make a list of platforms to evaluate and compare for the conference itself:
  • interpretation, transcription, and translation: otter.ai, ava.me, zoom? google meet/translate?
  • registration: ti.to, ...
  • main conference sessions -- our biggest issue. 4 possibilities:
    • 1 ti.to
    • 2 techchange which rightscon.summit.tc is using, (note .tc=Turks & Caicos, .to is Tonga)
    • 3 phill?
    • 4 interact.io? used by WMF, suggested by Chen
    • Peter to follow up on these
    • also check out techchange.org -- Peter to study
  • for social time: spatial.chat, wonder, hubble, ..., Pharos may be looking at other options
  • for text messaging: Telegram -- we've settled on that
  • related services for interpretation/transcription/translation: https://vitac.com/multi-language-captioning/, otter.ai, meet.google