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Hopin is an online conference platform. We will use it for our conference.

We'll put some guidance here on how to sign in and use it. Please help make it clear!!

  • Chrome or Firefox are recommended over other browsers. Close other tabs and windows using audio/video if possible because it uses a lot of resources.

Registration to get to the platform

Registering for the conference with us organizers (using the link at left) is the first step. The conference will send attendees a "magic link." When they get the magic link, they create their account on hopin. It may create that account automatically. They fill in a hopin account and then they respond to the email that comes back.

  • Stages for speakers with the audience silent. The speakers meet in Streamyard, either "internal" to Hopin or external
  • Workshops or sessions are meetings in which 20 people can talk and be visible. More people can attend and hear and see. No Streamyard here.

What Streamyard moderators do

As moderator you will be responsible for joining Streamyard inside Hopin, making sure the speaker and slides joins the stream on time, making sure the session ends on time, and then pasting questions from the Hopin chat into the private Streamyard chat. To do this, log into Hopin ane "join the stream" for your room (red or blue). (Let's explain how.) As moderator, you will be able to add speakers to the stream (and remove yourself). If they are sharing a slide deck, you'll need to add this to the stream too. Make sure speakers know to watch the private Streamyard chat for questions. When you are not on stage, speakers cannot see you, but they can see the private chat.

You'll need to have hopin and streamyard open in the same browser, but be sure to mute the hopin tab.

(Why the same browser? It seemed better to have them on separate computers if possible, or on separate screens, with Hopin muted.)


Thru Kudo, then in two directions hopefully: back to Hopin, and to YouTube.

  • Through Streamyard, flexibility "backstage", in the "green room" and, we think, a way for interpreters to give a second audio channel.


  • Recordings: We can record most sessions (possibly not second audio channel) automatically and get the recordings later
  • EMWCon and SMWCon used this platform, for smaller more techy MediaWiki conferences than this one.


Runs the interpretation software. It connects from hopin, and gives virtual "interpetation rooms" to our interpreters at Tlatolli.

Combine with info from https://mwstake.org/mwstake/wiki/Conference_software

Safe space capabilities

Organizers can silence or expel a participant Moderators of a session can remove a post. "Organizers" have that power ; how do we give it to others?