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Pages should be named with the following considerations in mind:

  • Pages for WikiConference USA 2014 in New York City did not have year prefixes. During the archival process, pages were renamed to have a "2014/" prefix. Do not delete redirects, as we do not want to break any links.
  • From 2015 on, all pages are named with yearly prefixes, e.g. "2015/Main Page". Creating pages in this naming format allows us to keep a permanent archive for each conference without breaking links and preventing the confusion caused by mixing old conference information with new conference information.
  • Pages inadvertently created outside of this scheme should be promptly renamed.
  • Use an appropriate annual template at the top of each page, e.g. {{2015}}. Each of these templates should make use of Module:YearStrip.
  • For each year, update MediaWiki:Sidebar and MediaWiki:Mainpage for new pages for each year.
  • Main Page and Home should be made into redirects for the current year's main page.