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WikiConference North America 2022 WCNA 2022 Nov 11–13, 2022 Mapping USA — OpenStreetMap US Mapping USA 2022 Nov 11–12, 2022

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WikiConference North America is the annual conference of Wikimedia enthusiasts and volunteers from throughout North America, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The 2022 conference will be an online event. This year we will hold the conference online in conjunction with Mapping USA, November 11–12, 2022 in collaboration with OpenStreetMap US. Join OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, -media, -data, -voyage, & -cite enthusiasts for collaboration and discovery. The Friday presentations can be heard in English or Spanish, and we are interested in submissions in both languages.

Conference overview

We plan to have the following schedule

  • Thursday, November 10 — VirtualMappy Hour, OSM US
  • Friday, November 11 — Lightning Talk Day, split between OSM US and WCNA related topics, or topics that cover interconnections and collaboration.
    • Hours: 2-6pm EST — We aim to fit in 30 talks.
  • Saturday, November 12 - Workshop/Long Session Day
    • 11am–4pm EST / 8am–1pm — up 90 min each
    • Aiming for a mix of half OSM related and half Wiki related, or interconnections
    • These can be workshops, editathons/mapathons, birds of a feathers, or presentations
    • We can promote any local events/happy hours
  • Sunday, November 13 — Wiki events
    • Time TBD
    • Wikimedia subjects
    • Lightning Talk, Presentation, Workshop, Birds of a Feather/Panel, or Editathon

Partners + Sponsors

  • The Wikimedia Foundation has donated funding towards platform and translation fees for this conference.

In-person meetups


Our previous events were located in-person in different cities: New York (2014), Washington (2015), San Diego (2016), Montréal (2017), Columbus (2018), and Boston (2019). In 2020 and 2021, WikiConference North America was online.

WikiConference North America User Group was formed in 2016 after that year's conference. It is a recognized Affiliate by the Wikimedia Foundation. The purpose of the User Group is to assure that the experiences gained at one conference are shared with future year conference organizers. The mission of the User Group includes coordinating the planning and hosting of events under our purview. Additionally, the User Group documents best practices and shares lessons learned with other Wikimedia communities planning and hosting conferences and similar events.