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These pages pages refer to a prior conference, and are kept for historical reasons.

If you are interested in the upcoming WikiConference North America, please ensure you are looking at the current conference site.

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WikiConference North America
Toronto — 9-12 November 2023
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This page is a list of common terms being use for WikiConference North America 2023 to ensure clarity around what is being discussed, if you have any request for clarification please let a COT member know. This list is growing document and will address concepts as they are developed.

  • COT – Core Organizing Team. The team of community members assembled to produce WikiConference North America for a given year.
  • Scholarship – a monetary award for travel funding to attend WikiConference North America in Toronto in-person.
    • Full scholarship – travel, accommodations & registration.
    • Partial scholarship – a monetary award to assist in paying travel, accommodations & registration costs
  • UCoC – refers to the Wikimedia Movement's Universal Code of Conduct. It defines a minimum set of guidelines of expected and unacceptable behaviour and applies to everyone who interacts and contributes to online and offline Wikimedia projects and spaces.
  • MS – refers to the Wikimedia Movement Strategy.
  • BoT – refers to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • AffCom – refers to the Wikimedia Affiliations Committee, a committee responsible for Wikimedia affiliates.
  • Hackathon – a portmanteau of "hacking" and "marathon", is an event where people engage in rapid and collaborative engineering over a relatively short period of time.
  • Editathon – portmanteau of "edit" and "marathon", is an event where some editors of online communities such as Wikipedia, Wikivoyage edit and improve a specific topic or type of content. The events typically include basic editing training for new editors.
  • Datathon – portmanteau of "data" and "marathon", is an event where some editors of Wikidata edit and improve statements, lexemes and many others.
  • Photowalk – is a communal activity of photographers or camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that interest them.
  • Program – all activities taking place.
  • UTC – standardized time to be used for online activities.
  • EST – Eastern Standard Time to be used for in-person activities (EST is UTC−05:00, time in Toronto, New York, Cancun).
  • WMF – refers to the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • WCNA – refers to the WikiConference North America.
  • WMCA – refers to Wikimedia Canada.
  • US-NYC – refers to Wikimedia New York City (United States).
  • US-DC – refers to Wikimedia District of Columbia (United States).
  • WMMX – refers to Wikimedia México.
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