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Improving Wikipedia Official Mobile Application to be Friendlier and more Functional

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Rabimba Karanjai

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Rabimba (talk) 00:58, 15 April 2014 (EDT)

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University Of Texas at Dallas

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Web , Blog

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Wikipedia is one of the most visited website in the world and a one stop source for information for most. With the increase of portable devices and Mobile usage the audience has divided more and a large section now uses these devices to access that information on the go. However we still see less usage from the Wikipedia official mobile application than the mobile page. The Wikipedia official mobile application is built on Phonegap which makes building cross platform application much easier. However it still lacks some basic features like editing an article and does not actually offer much more than it's mobile web counterpart as basically it is wrapped into the phonegap webview and only utilizes the gps data to show geotagged articles which the html5 mobile application should also be able to do.

The idea is to extend this to include

  • Including basic editing features into the application, utilizing the api's available at Mediawiki
  • Supporting Local Cache and Data/Article Saving for later read
  • Including Mobile Picture direct upload and save it in article draft using this api. It will make very quick creation of articles and building picture database which can be changed later
  • Including WYSIWYG editor (work with Visual Editor team to see if there are any ways, or fall back to template based text editor)
  • Geo-Aware article editing - If someone is editing an article in a specific area (historical monument etc) another user in a same are opens a new article with similar name in a nearby GPS radius they should get notification
  • Option to include "Historical Point" in articles which will enable users to put a History Marker in articles which will just highlight a specific revision, so later it may work as a timeline for different version of articles which may be useful later in context of historical timeline. For example for a country whenever a president changes or maybe some notable historical change is happpening a marker can later help create a visual timeline.
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30~40 Minutes. This can be further taken up as a Workshop under Wikimedia Technology..

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Yes. Will depend somewhat on the scholarship though.

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