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For the past three years, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México has been supporting projects related to Wikipedia, the first educational institution in the country do so. This work has been mostly centered on the Campus Library, based on two premises linked to the diffusion of knowledge. The first is concerned with the way that it is found, chosen and used and the second is related to how information is now generated collectively on a global scale. These two situations make the academic library crucial for guiding those new to accessing and evaluating massive quantities of information, which continues to grow, especially digitally, with the aim of making students capable of constructing knowledge.

These needs make Wikipedia an important platform for projects related to the development of these abilities in both form and content as well as technology. Since 2011, the campus library has been active in supporting Wikipedia activities on the campus, in various modes, primarily from the adminstrative perspective. One of the major efforts has been to promote initial participation of teachers with Wikimedia Commons, sponsoring photographic contests for students related to Day of the Dead and Holy Week in Mexico. Another has been providing space and support to the Wiki Borregos student group, the only active student group currently in the Wiki world. Efforts have been underway to promote Wikipedia as a theme for research on the campus as well. In addition, the school and the library itself has connections with government institutions such as Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (National Board for Culture and the Arts), which has been impressed with our work with Wikipedia. In March 2014, the library is sponsoring the Mexican premier of the documentary film The Web, by Michael Kleiman, followed a round table discussion on the use of Wikipedia and open culture/open knowledge.

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