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"Computer, Tell Me All About This Data": using the MediaWiki web API to get (only) the data you need (Part 1)
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Technology and Infrastructure
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Curated talk
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Frances Hocutt
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frances.hocutt AT gmail dot com
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Washington, USA
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Seattle Attic Community Workshop
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Have you ever wanted to add to the existing collection of Wikipedia-based visualizations, go digging in wiki-related metadata in search of pattern, or just grab one piece of information from each page in a category, but weren't sure where to start? This talk will take us beyond the in-browser wikipages that we know and love and will introduce the MediaWiki web API: a powerful tool that lets users interact with Wikimedia's immense and intricately connected collections of data and that lets us take advantage of the programmable web to monitor usage, categorize trends, and learn more about how users tend to work.

We'll discuss how APIs facilitate computer-to-computer communication, introduce MediaWiki's web API and exploratory tools such as API:Sandbox, and explore some of the uses of web API client libraries. Finally, we'll take a look at some of the fascinating data visualizations that have been created with data fetched with the Wikipedia API. Whether or not you write your own code, you'll learn more about MediaWiki's capabilities and ways you can get data beyond the pages you normally see. If you want to learn more, come to the companion workshop, and we'll dig into the API ourselves!

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15-30 min
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Yes, if I receive a scholarship
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should be scheduled before the Submissions:Using web API client libraries to play with and learn from our (meta)data workshop (Part 2), not necessarily immediately before

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