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22 things you should probably not be using a wiki for
Type of submission
E-mail address
zhorishna at gmail
MediaWiki community
Because I am a MediaWiki developer, and because I am incredibly lazy and particular, I use MediaWiki for quite a few things that I really, really, shouldn't, or so people keep telling me at conferences. But they're wrong. I do all these things, including using it as a personal notepad, for my blog, and a nostalgia dump of the 2008 english wikipedia, among even dumber ideas.
If this talk is accepted, I will assemble a list of 22 of these and show you in excruciating detail just what all can be done, how wrong those other people at conferences are, and how easy it would be for you to do these things too!
Disclaimer: author takes no responsibility for any irreversible brain damage resulting from attempting anything listed.
Length of presentation
22 minutes
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Who knows

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  3. I am only interested if number 7 will shock me. Blue Rasberry (talk) 13:29, 8 September 2015 (EDT)
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