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Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative
Type of submission
FloNight/Sydney Poore
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Wikipedian in Residence at Cochrane
Wikipedia has become one of the most important place on the internet to find health information for patients, health professionals, students, and the general public. Research shows that the majority of health care professionals have used Wikipedia for quick reference, and most medical students use Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia medical articles are heavily read, there is a relatively small group of people who are creating these medical articles.
Cochrane, a global medical research organization, is partnering with Wikipedians to improve the content of medical articles by working with people in the Cochrane network. Cochrane contributors who are researchers, and professionals, and consumers from more than 130 countries that produce credible, accessible health information that is free from conflicts of interest.
The presentation will:
-give a brief overview of Cochrane-Wikipedia initiative including The Wikipedia Library Cochrane accounts, Cochrane Upate bot on Wikipedia English, and the Cochrane UK Review table
-discuss the different models for healthcare organizations to partner with Wikipedians.
-highlight the challenges and benefits of doing an collaboration with healthcare professionals
-introduce two upcoming collaborations related to the 1) Women's Health and 2) Disasters and other humanitarian emergencies

Length of presentation
15-30 min.
Special schedule requests
also hope to do session on WikiWomens User Group
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